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Terms of Service – Privacy Policy of Aldiwan Online

Terms of Service, Service Agreement, Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy of (aldiwanonline.com) website

Welcome to (“Al-Diwan Online”) website for Arabic language teaching and learning resources.
This agreement (termed as TOS) represents the entire agreement between you and Al-Diwan Online regarding the E-learning service. either through the website or with an instructor online.
Your completion of the registration process on  Al-Diwan Online indicates your acceptance of all Terms and Conditions of use mentioned below.

1- Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
2- Right to change of this agreement
3- Provision of the services
4- Your rights
5- Using the service
6- Copyrights and Intellectual Property of the website content
7- Access and Interference
8- Security and Privacy policy
9- Fees, Payment Methods, Cancellation and Refunds
10- Indemnification
11- Miscellaneous

1- Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

1-1 Your registration makes you bound by this TOS, and confirms that you are over the age of 13, and are able to form legally binding agreement .
Your use of the information, tools, features, and functions available on aldiwanonline.com website, referred to collectively as “Service”, indicates that you agree to be bound by this TOS.
1-2 The term: “you”, “the user”, or “the student” means you. The term “the website” means aldiwanonline.com website. If you want to be a member and benefit from the Service, you must read this TOS, and indicate your agreement of it during the registration process.
1-3 Please review all terms and conditions carefully before using the website, and preferably save it on your computer.
1-4 If you do not agree on all terms and conditions do not use the website.


2- Right to change of this agreement

Aldiwan Online has the right to change this TOS or any policies affect or related to the website. The change to this TOS will be effective right after the end of your current subscription, and your renewal of the subscription after being informed with the change indicates your agreement on the changed terms and conditions of the Service. Changes to this TOS will be published on this same web page, with or without notice on the home page of the website. You can follow any changes made using an RSS feed software.


3- Provision of the services

3-1 Aldiwan Online website provides e-learning through three types:

A- Supper Access
In which the user is free to access the e-learning website any time during his subscription period.
B- Online Teacher
In which the student studies with Al-Diwan Center instructor over Skype for a specific number of hours a month. Hours and time of lectures to be arranged via email correspondence. These email correspondence messages are considered part of the agreement .
C- Double Benefits
This type mixes both Online Teacher and Supper Access types.

3-2 Guidelines for using Online Teacher Service:

3-2-1 Minimum lecture duration is (one and a half hour) in order to meet educational goals.
The “lecture hour” is 50 minutes.

3-2-2 In case a lecture started late for a reason related to teacher side, Al-Diwan Center is responsible to make up for it with the same time length missed, either in the same lecture, or in a next one.

3-2-3 In case a lecture started late for a reason related to student side, Al-Diwan Center is not responsible for a make up, and the lecture ending time stays as arranged before.

3-2-4 The student is allowed to defer a lecture time for only one lecture a month, by sending an email to info@aldiwanonline.com 24 hours prior to the lecture time. Lecture deferring request sent any time less than 24 hours prior to lecture time cannot be accepted, and the student absence will be on file.

3-2-5 Only with a 24-hour prior notice, the student is allowed to absence for only one lecture over the agreement duration (one-month), and that lecture will not be deducted from the total hours paid. In case of absence for more than one lecture (with or without with a 24-hour prior notice), lectures missed will be deducted from the total hours of study, and will not be applicable for make up. This is because we as an institution have dedicated this time for him in our schedule, so it is a loss on our side.

3-2-6 In case of student absence for more than two lectures without email notice to Aldiwan Online, lectures will be suspended until a new timing is set up according to Aldiwan Online’s administration, so all lectures complete over a month period starting off the new agreed-upon schedule. If the course period of one month passed without any communication from the student, all remainder hours will be omitted, and the remainder of fees paid cannot be claimed for.

3-2-7 Teacher absence: In case of teacher absence – for any reason – Aldiwan Online is responsible for a make up lecture in a timing set up according to both student and Aldiwan Online.

3-2-8 Change of course schedule: The student is allowed to Change of course schedule for only one time during the course period, by sending an email to info@aldiwanonline.com. The request will need around 5 days to rearrange the course schedule. Rearranging the schedule might result in change of the instructor to another instructor available in the newly selected timings.


4- Your rights

4-1 Aldiwan Online offers you a limited, non-transferable right to use Super Access service to access and use lessons’ content for unlimited hours daily, with a condition of not saving these materials on your computer.

4-2 Materials on this website are offered for your non-commercial, private use only, so you are not allowed to sell them, or re-use them on any other website without a written permission from Aldiwan Online.

4-3 In case of the website facing out-of-control technical issues for a period of more than one day, the student’ subscription will be extended with same period of time.


5- Use of Service

5-1 Your right of access and use of the website Aldiwan Online and the Service is a personal right for you, which you cannot transfer to any other person or entity. You are only allowed to access and use Aldiwan Online for legal purposes.

5-2 You will be responsible to protect the privacy of your account, username, and password on Aldiwan Online and you agree to inform Aldiwan Online of any unauthorized use of your Aldiwan Online account. For the Service to work effectively you need to keep your registration information accurate and updated, otherwise, the offered Service accuracy and effectiveness will be affected.

5-3 While we highly value all and every student and customer, Aldiwan Online might, under certain circumstances, decide to terminate a user’s account, modify, fix, or remove any username linked to the account, for reasons related to unlawful or unauthorized use, or any other reason that Aldiwan Online administration finds necessary, disclosed or undisclosed to the user, without being obligated to retain the account’s record or any data or information the user may store through account or services.

5-4 While rarely happens, the user’s access and use of the Aldiwan Online website might be interrupted for out-of-hand reasons, including for example, failure of equipments, regular update, maintenance, or fix of Aldiwan Online website, or other procedures Aldiwan Online performs to upgrade Service. In that case, Aldiwan Online will be responsible to make up any course time to the student with the same amount of down time.


6- Intellectual Property of the website content:

All Aldiwan Online materials, including content, text, images, software, audio and video files, documents, educational correspondence between Aldiwan Online and you via Email and website, at all times, are sole property of Aldiwan Online website or its suppliers. All the above-mentioned materials are protected under international copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. You are not allowed to publish, distribute, sub-license, translate, or copy materials protected under international copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws without a prior clear written permission from Aldiwan Online.


7- Access and Interference:

You agree not to:

7-1 try to use any software to decrypt code or access data, programming language, or content on Aldiwan Online website.

7-2 publish or transfer any file that contains virus, hacking software or software that causes failure or slow the performance of Aldiwan Online website.

7-3 try to decrypt or decompile or hack on personal information or content on Aldiwan Online website.


8- Security and Privacy policy

8-1 All information about you or your study performance is kept confidential, and unavailable to anyone without your consent, except teachers.

8-2 One of Aldiwan Online goals is participation in Arabic language learning development field, thus we allow Aldiwan Online the right to follow up with students’ performance information to use it in research, with a strict policy of keeping personally identifiable information confidential (name, contact information, bank account numbers).


9- Fees, Payment Methods, Cancellation and Refunds

To receive any services from Aldiwan Online website, you must register and your data will be dealt with under our security and privacy policies. Your information and data must be correct, and you have to update it as soon as they get changed.

9-1 Your choice of elearning mode indicates fees and tuition as follows:
A- Super Access (Web-based Independent Self-study) only.
B- Online Teacher only.
C- Double Benefit: Super Access + Online Teacher.
9-2 Fees and tuition must be paid up front in all modes.
9-3 Payment is made through payment methods explained on the website. Services are made available as soon as fees and tuition are received.
9-4 Payment and money transfer are in US dollars. In case you pay in other currencies, it will be valued against the current USD exchange rate.
9-5 Payment methods:
Al-Diwan has some methods of payment to fit all countries, and these details will be sent to the student right after the registration, to choose the payment method best fit to him.
9-6 Cancellation and Refunds:
9-6-1 Service (A) Web-based Independent Self-study (Super Access) only: is refundable during the first week of subscription.
9-6-2 Subscribers to Online Teacher Service can cancel study at any time after the first lecture, and get refund of all tuition paid. After the second lecture, there is no refund.
9-6-3 Aldiwan Online doesn’t pay any refund transaction fees, they are deducted from the paid fees.
9-6-4 Subscribers with a joined discount offer (group discounts) will lose the discount value when cancel and get refund. Hours studied will be calculated with no discount in mind.


10- Indemnification

You agree to indemnify Aldiwan Online, its agents, and employees from and against any and all claims, losses, liability costs and expenses resulted from your use of the website, or your failure to abide by terms and conditions set herein.


11- Miscellaneous

11-1 If any part of this TOS agreement considered illegal, void, or unenforceable by any court or arbitrator, this agreement will not be considered as a whole illegal, void, or unenforceable, and this illegal, void, or unenforceable part only should be void.

11-2 This agreement is the complete understanding and agreement between you and Aldiwan Online website regarding study process and services offered by the website.


If you have any questions about this policy agreement, or about any of Aldiwan Online website policies and practices, please contact us using the following information:


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